Girl Scouts host shredding event

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On Saturday, May 15, the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana will be hosting a Free Shredding event at their headquarters located at 2115 Lexington Rd. in Louisville.

People are encouraged to bring documents, credit cards, cd’s, badges…anything they want shredded in order to protect their privacy. The mobile shredder from A+ Paper Shredding will be on-site to handle the shredding.

The Scouts will be accepting small cash donations to help their organization.

For more info, visit A+’s Facebook Page.


ebook heaven

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Google Writes New Chapter in eBook Saga

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google will launch its long-awaited Google Editions electronic bookstore sometime this summer. This move, which had been rumored for months, will almost certainly reshape the e-publishing landscape.

To give you an idea of how analysts perceive Google’s impending market entry, a February 2010 Credit Suisse report stated: “We expect Google to be a major competitive factor in the eBook market.” Further, it predicted “a scenario where Apple, Amazon, and Google eventually split the market.” Amazon, according to Credit Suisse, had a 90% share of e-book sales in 2009.

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if this is it…

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…then you will fail.

If you base your social marketing efforts solely off the responses from your Facebook Page, Twitter account, or other attempt of social marketing, then your efforts will fail, and in your mind, social marketing is a bust that “is okay, but doesn’t work for your business.”

If you are to succeed at social marketing, you must combine it with your other marketing efforts. It must be a part of every company email that goes out. There must be links on your website leading your customers to your Facebook Page. There must be tent-cards on your tables to let patrons know they need to follow you on Twitter.

In other words, no marketing effort is an island. You get the most band for your buck with ANY marketing promotion when it weaves in and out of your other campaigns.

how much is too much?

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You’re a business with a Facebook Fan Page. How many times a day do you want to post something on your wall?

Tricky question.

Post too many times, and you risk irritating fans, and having them block you out, which counteracts your reason for having a page.

Post too few times, and they could lose interest, and not care what you have to say.

I believe the magic number lies somewhere between one and three. In other words, twice. You should post two times a day.

Why twice? Facebook fans fall into two categories: 1) the 24/7 FB’er (which I am since it’s my job), and 2) the Drive-By FB’er, who pops in several times throughout the day to catch up and be entertained. You are trying to attract the latter. So, by making two posts, at varied times of the day, say early morning (in time for a coffee break Facebook viewing?), and later in the afternoon, or early evening, you run a good chance of catching your target audience.

Need help with your company Facebook Page? Call me at (502) 682-7192.

does every business need to tweet?

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We’ll start this one off with a great big “NO!”

Who are those businesses? Well, just put yourself in the place of your followers. Would you want to follow the hour-by-hour trials and tribulations of an accountant? A plumber? A marriage counselor? Probably not.

But, you may want to follow the daily antics of your favorite bartender, chef, band, athlete, or even fireman!

Businesses, such as restaurants, bars and music stores (or any ‘hip’ retail store) could benefit from tweeting. They could advertise last minute sales, instant bargains, the drink of the day, or tonight’s special. They could tweet that the dance floor is rockin’, or Dave the Bartender just invented a new rum drink, or that the big sale is extended until midnight tonight.

Twitter followers like to be updated on interesting stuff, and even more, stuff that could impact their social life.

So, does that answer your question?

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Eminence Christian Church Shreds It All On Saturday!

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This Saturday, May 8, Eminence Christian Church, at 5333 S. Main St., Eminence, Ky, will be shredding all of the evidence…all of YOUR evidence, that is!

They are partnering with A+ Paper Shredding to host a free shredding event from 9am – 12pm. Bring your documents, cd’s, floppies, credit cards…anything you would like to have shredded to protect your privacy. And, it goes to a good cause; the church will be accepting donations to help grow their ministry efforts.

A+ owner Mike Murray wants everyone to know that the shredded paper gets recycled. His company is as dedicated to protecting the environment as it is to protecting your privacy.

Questions about the event, or about shredding? Call Mike at (502) 640-4223.

what’s interesting?

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I’ve often said you have to keep your content updates fresh, witty and relevant. In other words, interesting. But what is interesting?

Well, to keep it simple, interesting is anything that makes your followers want to come back everyday to see what you have to say. They want to be entertained, not be dragged down by the mundane facts of your business.

They want to know from John’s Bar and Grille that “The bathrooms just got remodeled, so come in, drink a cold happy hour beer, and check them out!”, not that “The bathrooms just got remodeled.”

Make it fun. But keep it relevant. People don’t get on Facebook to be bored. They get on Facebook for a moment of escape. Let them know you realize that, and make their day a little brighter.