time machine…

where would you go if you had a time machine? Back to the days of Christ? Have dinner with Abraham Lincoln? Warn someone of a pending tragedy?

Those are all good places to head…except we all know that if you tried the last one, they would probably throw you in the clink and throw away the key (I’ve seen how it works in movies!).

Here’s a thought: why not go back to a point where a business owner said “I’m not going to install computers. They won’t change my business.”

Or, maybe to the mayor of an 1840’s town that said “We don’t need a train going through our town! The Pony express and canals are all we need!”

Or, how about this one. The guy who said “Horseless carriage? Why do I need one of those when I have a perfectly good carriage with a horse?”

In other words, take a look at how a lack of foresight destroyed those businesses, towns and men. Well, maybe not the men, but getting a horseless carriage could have saved them a bunch of saddle sores.

It’s that same lack of foresight that will hurt businesses that today say “Social Marketing won’t work for our type of business.” “We don’t need a blog…no one cares what I think about widgets.” “Facebook Pages only work for bars and restaurants.”

If that were the case, why are there millions of blogs, Facebook Business Pages, Linked In accounts and Twitterin’ fools out there?

Because. Because it does work.


~ by Chris Whigham on May 19, 2010.

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