A Plus Paper Shredding does Louisville document destruction right

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I like to brag on my clients, but usually not so blatantly as to write about them in my blog.

That being said, A Plus Paper Shredding does document destruction right in the Louisville Metro area.

Paper shredding has become a franchise industry, with national names rolling their mobile shedding trucks through the streets in army-like fashion. So it’s refreshing when a locally owned business, with an owner who personally goes out to meet and greet his clients, hits the scene.

Mike Murray is that type of business owner.

You can see Mike on the streets of Louisville everyday, getting business the old fashioned way…with face-to-face meetings and a handshake. Whether he’s talking to an attorney, accountant, banker, school principal, or plumber, he’s as genuine and straight forward as they come.

And, their pricing is as competitive as any of the big guys, too! (shameless plug)

So, if you’re looking for a company that can handle any paper shredding job, and will come to your house or office with their mobile shredder, I definitely recommend A Plus Paper Shredding.

Check out their Facebook Page HERE. (their running a fun contest through July 26!)

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Bruster’s Ice Cream hosts ice cream eating contest

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In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared July “National Ice Cream Month“, and the third Sunday in July “National Ice Cream Day.” Little did he know the effects of that proclamation a generation later.

For the third year in a row, Bruster’s Ice Cream shop at 700 Lyndon Lane will be hosting their Ice Cream Eating Contest in honor of the national holiday. It’s a free-for-all-frozen-treat-extravaganza that takes place this Sunday, July 18.

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St. Bernard hosts free paper shredding event

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On Saturday, June 12, St. Bernard Church in Louisville will host a free paper shredding event. This will allow people to bring in any documents or files, as well as cd’s, floppies, badges, credit cards…anything they want shredded in order to protect their identity and privacy.

The shredding will be performed by A + Paper Shredding of Louisville. Their Mobile Shredding Truck will be on site, and all shredding will be done there.

People attending this event will also have the opportunity to help out a great cause: St. Bernard’s will be acccepting cash donations to assist their organization. So, you can have the peace of mind knowing your privacy is protected, and that this great church will be helped out.

The event takes place at St. Bernards, 7500 Tangelo Drive in Louisville, this Saturday, 6/12, from 9am – Noon. Call (502)239-5178 for details.

Questions about shredding? Call A + Paper Shredding at (502) 241-2911.

CW Marketing Partners with D&R Promotions and Marketing

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Today, Chris Whigham Marketing partnered with D&R Promotions and Marketing in order to offer their clients a wider range of marketing products.

CW Marketing has been offering a menu of social marketing products for their clients, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and blogs. Now, with the addition of D&R, they will also be able to offer excellent deals on television and radio advertising.

D&R has associations with WDRB Fox41 and WMYO 58 for television, and Main Line Broadcasting for radio, which includes Magic 101.3,  99.7 DJX, and B96.5, to name a few. They have been able to negotiate rates that are extremely competitive in today’s market.

David Rose, owner of D&R, and Chris Whigham are both excited to be able to offer their clients these extended marketing options.

Need more info? Call Chris Whigham at 502.682.7192

facebook vs. linked in

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No contest. The two are not the same!

Facebook is one of the greatest social networking tools ever created. People love to jump on and wind down. They want to escape the grind of the day, or maybe blow off steam. They want to find out what’s going on with friends on the other side of the world.

And they want to be entertained.

Linked In is different. While still maintaining a social edge, the members of that community want to see what their peers are doing, what’s working in business, and what’s failing. They want to connect with people that can help their careers along.

And, they also want to be entertained. So keep it relative, but light.

Keep these two quick bits of advice in mind as you get your “social Networking” on!

Need help with social marketing? Call Chris Whigham at 502.682.7192

time machine…

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where would you go if you had a time machine? Back to the days of Christ? Have dinner with Abraham Lincoln? Warn someone of a pending tragedy?

Those are all good places to head…except we all know that if you tried the last one, they would probably throw you in the clink and throw away the key (I’ve seen how it works in movies!).

Here’s a thought: why not go back to a point where a business owner said “I’m not going to install computers. They won’t change my business.”

Or, maybe to the mayor of an 1840’s town that said “We don’t need a train going through our town! The Pony express and canals are all we need!”

Or, how about this one. The guy who said “Horseless carriage? Why do I need one of those when I have a perfectly good carriage with a horse?”

In other words, take a look at how a lack of foresight destroyed those businesses, towns and men. Well, maybe not the men, but getting a horseless carriage could have saved them a bunch of saddle sores.

It’s that same lack of foresight that will hurt businesses that today say “Social Marketing won’t work for our type of business.” “We don’t need a blog…no one cares what I think about widgets.” “Facebook Pages only work for bars and restaurants.”

If that were the case, why are there millions of blogs, Facebook Business Pages, Linked In accounts and Twitterin’ fools out there?

Because. Because it does work.

women may welcome targeting

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Perception is everything when it comes to targeted advertising. Web users must feel comfortable with targeting for the practice to pay off for marketers, and many don’t. March 2010 research from predictive behavioral targeting services company Q Interactive suggests that women have positive perceptions of targeting and want to see more of it.

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Girl Scouts host shredding event

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On Saturday, May 15, the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana will be hosting a Free Shredding event at their headquarters located at 2115 Lexington Rd. in Louisville.

People are encouraged to bring documents, credit cards, cd’s, badges…anything they want shredded in order to protect their privacy. The mobile shredder from A+ Paper Shredding will be on-site to handle the shredding.

The Scouts will be accepting small cash donations to help their organization.

For more info, visit A+’s Facebook Page.

ebook heaven

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Google Writes New Chapter in eBook Saga

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google will launch its long-awaited Google Editions electronic bookstore sometime this summer. This move, which had been rumored for months, will almost certainly reshape the e-publishing landscape.

To give you an idea of how analysts perceive Google’s impending market entry, a February 2010 Credit Suisse report stated: “We expect Google to be a major competitive factor in the eBook market.” Further, it predicted “a scenario where Apple, Amazon, and Google eventually split the market.” Amazon, according to Credit Suisse, had a 90% share of e-book sales in 2009.

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if this is it…

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…then you will fail.

If you base your social marketing efforts solely off the responses from your Facebook Page, Twitter account, or other attempt of social marketing, then your efforts will fail, and in your mind, social marketing is a bust that “is okay, but doesn’t work for your business.”

If you are to succeed at social marketing, you must combine it with your other marketing efforts. It must be a part of every company email that goes out. There must be links on your website leading your customers to your Facebook Page. There must be tent-cards on your tables to let patrons know they need to follow you on Twitter.

In other words, no marketing effort is an island. You get the most band for your buck with ANY marketing promotion when it weaves in and out of your other campaigns.